Suresh Babu Mandalanka

GeoKey is an innovative locking system that uses geographic locations as keys. It can only be unlocked in preconfigured locations. Cargo security is often a challenging issue in the transportation of goods. Oil, gas, and food in particular face the problem of theft during transit. It is common for drivers to carry keys along with their cargo, which increases the chances of theft. Designed for the logistics, cargo, and personal luggage services industries, GeoKey features a dual security mechanism that can only be unlocked in a predefined location in combination with a four-digit security code. It can be embedded into container locking systems or used as a padlock on luggage and safes. Thanks to the flexibility it offers, GeoKey has the potential to be used by a wide range of customers. GeoKey also enables senders to control the locations where their shipments are unlocked. The freight-forwarding software application can also be used to configure the destination address in GeoKey and to send the password to the recipient. The lock uses Galileo’s Open Service Authentication to guarantee GNSS reliability.