Francois Dellicour & Olivier Cheslet

The idea comprises the use of a small mobile device, such as a Pocket PC or a smartphone to locate and guide people in closed environments such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, and supermarkets.

When someone enters a building equipped with the GMTP system, he only has to start the Pocket-PC application and choose his destination.

Currently, our system is based on Wi-Fi technology and a server searches for the person’s location. The aim is to replace this Wi-Fi-based location system with Galileo. The main part of the calculation will then be done on the client device instead of the server.

After being located, the client application receives its position, represented by a co-ordinate couple. It then searches for the best way to a chosen destination through the building, with the help of a map drawn by a mapping application we developed. Our system also provides information adapted for blind people, such as surface textiles, doors, but also other reference marks such as the noise of an elevator or the smell of a kitchen.

All information is vocally transmitted to the user, thanks to a vocal synthesis engine.

This system currently works but would be greatly simplified and a lot more precise with Galileo technology!

We managed to reach 4m-5m precision with our Wi-Fi location system. That may seem a tremendous help to blind people; however, remember that they’re used to moving with a white cane.
In the end, we’d like to use our system for other applications, in a more commercial way. Imagine you’re wandering in a museum and would like to contemplate a certain artwork. You browse a menu and choose the artwork you’d like to be guided to. The system drives you through the museum and, when you arrive at destination, provides information about the artwork you’re standing in front of.

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