Marc Puigvert, Garikoitz Zabaleta, Gorka Irazoki, Iñigo Arguijo, Emilio Ávila

This application provides a convenient way to pay fees on cars parked in PRS (Parking Regulation Service) zones. Galileo makes it possible to know the amount of time a car has spent in a parking space and where it is located. Then, a device (TAG) can send this information via GPRS/GSM to the driver’s smartphone, thus facilitating the transaction in question. This idea will offer better service to both customers and municipalities in the form of a fast means of monitoring who is paying parking fees. The PRS staff will know who is acting correctly thanks to the TAG, which will send information to their PDAs as they approach cars. Furthermore, it will provide many other applications, such as for outdoor parking at airports, theme parks, shopping malls and truck parking in motorway service areas. In the near future, the idea will be to unify the current systems used on toll roads – Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) technology – with the TAG in order to improve and adjust tolls depending on the current quality of service (factoring in traffic jams, speed, and so on). For all of these reasons, this solution will be a clear improvement on the remote payment systems that have recently appeared.