Alex Ackermann and Yossi Shiri

GreenDrive is a driver-vehicle application that helps drivers develop smart, smooth, and safe driving techniques that lead to an average fuel savings of 15-25% while contributing to environmental protection. GreenDrive’s purpose is to minimise fuel consumption by suggesting the most economical driving speed to the driver along the way.

GreenDrive delivers a innovative driver-vehicle interface system and services to encourage sustained changes to driving styles and behaviours that are safer, cleaner, and more economical. GreenDrive’s patented eco-adaptive Horizon Prediction technology learns vehicle parameters and senses the nature and significance of impending road attributes that influence fuel consumption, determining what constitutes economical driving. The system provides drivers with real-time indications and historical information about their eco-driving performance.

Target market
Road-Guard enables mobile operators, PND makers, and auto manufactures to offer attractive and profitable value-added services in line with customer demands for safer, more fuel-efficient, and greener driving technologies. GreenDrive targets the fuel economy and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sectors within the consumer, automotive, and fleet accessories markets. Our products will be offered on four different platforms: through mobile phones and personal navigation devices, embedded into in-vehicle infotainment consoles, and deployed with auto cruise-control systems.

Customer benefit

  • Driver benefits include fuel savings, increased safety, and a positive contribution to the environment.
  • Vehicle fleets reduce operating costs through reduction in fuel expenditures; self-insured fleets benefit from additional financial incentives based on safer driving programs meant to reduce operating costs by decreasing accident rates.
  • PND makers can use GreenDrive as an add-on layer to their navigation software, positioning it as an enabler and differentiating factor in a very competitive market.
  • Automakers can increase sales by offering greater fuel efficiency with their vehicles using GreenDrive.

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