Frank Schubert, Christoph Abart, Jakob Jakobsen, Nagaraj Shivaramaiah, Stefan Kappeler

Swimmers mostly want to swim laps in a pool for their training. In doing so, they can look at the bars painted on the pool’s floor to maintain their orientation.

In open waters such as lakes or oceans, a swimmer’s only orientation is the coastline. This makes it difficult to do laps in the crawl style. Swimmers have to interrupt their crawling from time to time, raise their heads and try to re-orient themselves with the coastline. This is a very tedious way of swimming and prevents most swimmers from training in lakes or the sea. Additionally, swimmers might stray dangerously far away from shore.

GUIGO (GUIding GOggles) are the answer to this problem. They enhance swimming goggles with a navigation solution based on GNSS/Galileo and a display to guide swimmers in straight laps even while swimming in lakes or open waters. It also prevents the swimmer from drifting too far away from the coastline. GUIGO is also very useful in many other aspects. For example, the visually impaired can be guided through their daily lives and participate in leisure activities in a more convenient way.

Connecting GNSS technology directly to goggles offers many innovative approaches to greatly help people in their everyday lives.

No other product has ever connected state-of-the-art GNSS technology to the mass market for aquatic sport.

The principle of enhancing goggles with a navigation solution can be applied in other fields: the visually impaired, for example, can take great advantage of this feature. The user is guided using visual and/or haptic interfaces inside the goggles that show the desired route.

The target market consists of sport and leisure swimmers, the visually impaired, and anyone else who needs convenient handsfree guidance and routing.

Customers benefit from GUIGO by gaining access to modern GNSS technology in their everyday lives: GUIGO swimming goggles offer a completely new swimming experience in open waters; indeed, they make regular training in open waters possible at all. For the visually impaired, being fully integrated into daily life is extremely important – and now possible with GUIGO.


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