Peter Zentgraf, Peter Viehhauser, Martin Heigl, Andreas Bernhardt, Ralf Hager, Martin Kucich, Martin Angermeier, Christopher Wolf, Stefan Zagler, Manfred Usyk, Guenter Lechner, Kurt Fischer, Georg Vogl

Hail damage is a severe problem people have been trying to combat for decades, especially in the southern regions of Upper Bavaria. Hail Navigator, which combines said navigation with a precipitation reporting system for hail suppression aircraft, is a unique and novel system designed to protect the citizens of southern Bavaria by warning them of potential hail damage. It is meant to support pilots of hail suppression airplanes by guiding them to optimal locations for injecting silver iodide into clouds. The tiny particles of this substance prevent water crystals from transforming into hail. Hail Navigator provides real-time information on these flights to the local population, which in turn can deliver weather reports. The reports generated by the app serve as a means of validating weather prediction models. These models are one important factor in deciding whether a hail suppression flight is necessary or not. RO-BERTA, the greater project involving this system, provides a closed-loop framework for providing and obtaining support in the fight against hail. The entire process can be observed by the public at