Jukka Talvi, Joni Jämsä, Kalle Arola, Jukka-Pekka Alanissi, Antti Koponen

Traffic signal priorities for emergency vehicles are a highly desirable function with many benefits related to safety and efficiency. It’s possible to provide for fully automatic, comprehensive, and affordable pre-emption with generic technologies. The authorities in the Oulu region have planned and acquired a system that is expanding in Finland as an open system for the authorities. Known as the HALI system, it has the potential to become a standard function since it is very effective, easy to implement, and very cost-efficient. The main risks relate to wireless technologies, which is where Galileo PRS can be very helpful. The positioning data needs to be accurate at all times, and any interference in the form of jamming or spoofing could prevent the pre-emption altogether. In addition, the PRS security functions would make the positioning interface almost impossible to hack, thus offering extra cyber-security. The next version of HALI is being developed into a national system for Finland, and a consortium is being formed to pilot the system in different-sized cities around Europe. Meanwhile, a growing ecosystem is already in place to take HALI to the next level.