Ricardo Verdeguer Moreno, Hilario Pinedo Puig

The main purpose of InSat Drone is to support UAV flight and provide essential maintenance services through a network of stations. Current unmanned areal systems (UAS) applications require the involvement of different technicians in order to succeed. InSat Drone guarantees the accomplishment of all kinds of UAS operations in a completely autonomous and continuous way. Each station of a network will charge the vehicles wirelessly and provide for safe storage. The network design, including UAVs and stations, will be adaptable to specific requirements depending on the mission at hand. All these services will be conducted under the supervision of the network control centre. InSat Drone will thus provide “handling services” to UAVs just as airports do with planes. Private companies and public entities will be able to take advantage of this network. Guidance for people, freight transport, and surveillance are just a few examples of possible applications. At this moment, InSat Drone is possible due to EGNOS, which provides information on UAV’s positions and enables their navigation between stations. Galileo will improve the system by facilitating critical operations such as landing, take-off, and approach.