Lukas Narutis, Karolis Misiura, Sigitas Limontas

HeroHelp will enable official emergency services to react to all kinds of accidents with unprecedented preparation and precision. There are number of issues that can be solved by enabling emergency centres and smartphone users to exchange data in combination with voice calls. The precise locations of emergencies are the most important information for emergency services. 53% of people who experience emergency situations can’t identify or explain their location correctly. This can be solved by utilising the potential of the GPS capability integrated in most smartphones. The average emergency call lasts 80 seconds due to procedures required to identify the exact location at hand and other personal information. This can be improved by adding a simple, instantaneous, one-click activation system to special emergency gadgets. People who have difficulty hearing, seeing, or speaking – as well as the elderly – are often unable to describe their location due to their impairments, especially if the location is new to them. Data transfer is universal through means such as text, media, video, voice, and location. Disabilities can be compensated with specially applied Technology.