Ronen Korman, Shay Rootman, Ehud Spiegel

Hi-Park’s technology crowdsources on-street parking vacancy data in real-time using smartphone cameras. It significantly reduces time spent searching for parking by employing this data and sophisticated algorithms to find the nearest available parking spot. Hi-Park thus enables cities and transportation agencies to control their parking congestion issues. The smartphone application runs seamlessly in the background while driving and captures images using the camera; it then identifies and sends the location and size of every vacant parking space it passes along the way to a server. All of this is done automatically without the driver’s intervention while maintaining the smartphone’s functionality. As a dynamic platform, the technology captures and analyses other valuable visual information related to smart cities in service of municipalities and local residents. For its crowdsourcing, Hi-Park partners with taxis, buses, and municipal vehicles that travel extensively within cities with the application; this enables it to quickly obtain accurate, city-wide parking data in new cities at a low operational cost. Hi-Park provides its services based on real-time and historical parking data.