Semen Litvinov, Dmitry Kislenko

HIVE is a cloud-based solution for highly accurate GNSS positioning and navigation that helps position, navigate, and track drones, robots, and other autonomous GNSS-equipped machines with up to centimetre-level precision.

In order to improve their positioning accuracy, autonomous vehicles like these need to be connected to a ground-based, continuously operating reference station (CORS) that uses GNSS. With thousands of CORS facilities operating as local networks or single stations around the world, the challenge lies in obtaining easy access to all the CORS correction data available.

HIVE’s cloud-based software combines unlimited numbers of fragmented GNSS CORS facilities in a single solution and provides easy access to all of them. It thus serves as an instrument for creating a united European GNSS CORS infrastructure and enabling next-generation autonomous machines to build a better future for us all.

Customer benefits

HIVE helps next-generation vehicles (drones, robots, unmanned vehicles, etc) navigate with centimetre-level precision using GNSS. It is a free GNSS station management service with unlimited raw data storage that helps station owners monetise their existing infrastructure.