Dr Jaroslav Jansa

The unique goal is to closely interconnect persons in danger with rescuers under the principle of “danger is the same, regardless of its origin”.
The IHY system is based on a simple personal communication and localisation unit, enabling precise localisation and wireless communication, and hierarchical wireless IP infrastructures like GPRS, with DVB supported by intelligent servers.
The users are equipped with a personal unit or mobile phone. The basic innovation lies in the communication between the unit and the relevant authorities (police, fire brigade, emergency medical personnel) (112, etc.) without administrative barriers.

The response of the system is much quicker than calling an emergency line thanks to the instant localisation and identification of the alert emitter and possible rescuers.
There are several versions of the IHY system. Its potential lies in medical rescue and monitoring systems, as well as in battlefield information systems. All versions are based on the following principles:

  • Personal unit identification in terrain
  • Precise localisation
  • Instant warning concerning the nature of the danger via a wireless infrastructure

IHY is based on the combination of existing GNSS and IP wireless communication technologies. More advanced versions will use GALILEO/EGNOS, DVB, and 4G cellular technologies like Mobile WiMAX and even LTE in the near future.

Target market
Police officers, firefighters, members of medical emergency units, and of course, as many normal citizens as possible, especially seniors.
The goal is:
1. To equip rescuers with professional personal units, such as adapters for PMR handsets
2. To offer simple and cheap personal units to users

The infrastructure must be part of existing emergency networks or built by private organisations.

Customet benefit
Benefits will be seen in the much faster responses of rescue squads, regardless of their character (police officers, firefighters, or members of medical emergency teams). The time factor plays an important role in all critical situations, which is why IHY increases the probability of successful rescue actions and victim survival.

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