Dan O`Donoghue, Richard Fairman

Farmflo’s goal is to develop the next generation of farm management software that integrates modern precision technology into a single platform to automate the collection of data in the farm in real-time. This collective data set will allow the farmer to view the data across their entire farm enabling them to make the data driven decisions to improve performance and profitability. Farmflo is utilising GNSS to ensure accurate data capture and analysis where internet connectivity is poor or non-existent. It aims to end the reliance on pen-and-paper data collection, analysis based on Excel sheets, and desk-based software systems. Although the transfer of knowledge from research into farming practices has proven to be slow and difficult globally, Farmflo presents farmspecific, user-friendly insights and decision prompts in real-time via smartphones or other mobile devices. This means farmers are more likely to act on the available information. Thanks to data enrichment functions that leverage GNSS location data to focus on primary food producers, expert advisors, and farmers’ customers, Farmflo can help farms achieve input savings, increase their commercial resilience, and benefit their surrounding rural communities.