Nicole Wagner, Wolfgang Inninger, Stefan Pfennigschmidt, Gerd Waizmann

In an ageing society, enhanced mobility solutions are needed to facilitate independent living and support the out-of-home mobility of all generations. The system immer MOBIL – be always Mobile enables citizens to use up-to-date and enhanced mobility services in rural areas in a very convenient and easy way. The key concept of immer MOBIL involves improving the matching of transportation needs and available transportation services. It is realised through intelligent use of specialised telematic, information, and communication technologies. In addition to traditional public transportation services, these new approaches provide alternatives like community transportation, private transportation services, and shared taxis. End-users can select and order individualized trips optimised to meet their personal requirements at the push of a button. The location-based application can automatically transmit information to users based on their current position. Travel information, routing, and booking will be constantly supported via mobile devices and services. Ultimately, this system can lead to more economical and ecological mobility.