Vaclav Kolcava, Dr. Jaroslav Jansa, Jan Korec, Keith Errey, Karel Zvolsky, Richard McPartland

The integrated online prenatal care system INPRESOL is an electronic solution designed to monitor pregnant women and subsequently conduct automated analysis of collected data. In combination with other available pregnancy data, INPRESOL helps medical specialists identify imminent premature deliveries in time. The proposed system is based on the use of continuous external tocography covered by monitoring, recording and subsequent evaluation of pressure fluctuations within the uterus with respect to changes of position. Data on uterine activity and imminent premature delivery have been statistically proven to be up to 92% correlative. The new feature of this system is its use of sophisticated remote monitoring. This facilitates the transmission of tocographic data from body sensors via the new communication infrastructure SENSIUM – developed by the UK company TOUMAZ Technology.

Currently available prenatal care solutions typically only involve offline procedures and thus require physician house calls or hospital visits. Some existing remote monitoring systems use ultrasonic sensors, which are far from optimal for long-term use from a medical perspective. INPRESOL uses fine conventional pressure sensors that have no harmful effect on the fetus. As the first remote prenatal monitoring system, INPRESOL makes it possible to monitor vital signs not only “anytime”, but also “anywhere”. Its three main features are: automatic analysis of collected data, automatic diagnostics, and high-tech, web-oriented GNSS technology.

According to the World Health Organizaton (WHO), there is a huge market for systems that can improve the situation of the considerable number of high-risk pregnant women. Even a partial solution to this problem would improve many lives. From a financial point of view, every week of normal pregnancy saves hospitals and health insurance companies EUR 2,000. There are several hundreds of thousands of at-risk pregnant women in the EU.

INPRESOL is an advanced system of home prenatal monitoring. Home care may help reduce healthcare costs. As an example of the possible financial benefit for healthcare insurance companies, US statistics show that out of approx. USD 10 billion spent every year on postnatal care, 57% was disproportionately consumed by a mere 10% of infants who were born premature. Home care may help reduce costs and continue to provide a safe and satisfactory means of monitoring pregnancies.


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