Victor Jose Gatica-Acevedo, Alfonso Leyva Alavarado, Martin Gomez Varelan, Sergio Jesus Gonzales Ambriz, Yair Ali Cerecedo Torres

Missing persons represent a serious problem around the world. AMBER Alert is a protocol that broadcasts information about missing children in order to enable society to help find them. The integration of GNSS with the AMBER Alert protocol would function as follows: If a parent is unable to locate his/her child, he/she will immediately open the AMBER Alert application and enter a recent photograph of the child, his/her dress and facial features, and the location where he/she was lost. From this location, the proposed system will disseminate the information to users with the application, social media, and police officers who are close to the position. This information should also be disseminated to bus stations, airports, and major road access points. Anyone who locates the child within the radius in which the alert was issued will be able to report it via the application or alert a police officer within the warning area. With reports prompted by possible sightings of the child and the implementation of estimation algorithms similar to those used in GNSS navigation, police officers will be able to follow potential paths and track down the missing child with this application.