Klaus Heimbuchner, Helmut-Klaus Schimany, Markus Dorn, Stephan Jung

High-quality real-time data is an essential basis for the digitalisation of traffic and mobility, but is often not sufficiently available for temporary traffic events such as roadworks. IoT Baseplate facilitates real-time data on the spot and turns traffic events from an often poorly networked and analogue infrastructure into a valuable enabler for mobility megatrends and smart cities.
The IoT Baseplate concept integrates an encapsulated IoT unit into the K1 base plate, which has proven itself throughout Europe. The IoT unit is equipped with a CPU, a battery, detectors, actuators, and GNSS and data transmission modules. This turns the K1 base plate into an innovative mobile IoT application that can be put into immediate use virtually anywhere. There is almost no additional effort needed to detect, communicate, and signal traffic data digitally on-site. IoT Baseplate is robust, modular, extremely flexible, versatile, and easy to integrate. While its initial focus lies on the transport sector, the IoT Baseplate product family is unique and internationally scalable in a market that is strongly expanding, but still in its early stages.