Matthias Siegel, Wolfgang Armbruster

Collecting waste and recyclable materials like glass is a process that involves big trucks and generates large amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, respirable dust, noise, and congestion in urban areas. Such emissions could be measured and reduced through the use of ISOCollect, a predictive waste management solution from Isofleet. ISOCollect measures the fill level of each waste container and forecasts the best time for emptying to ensure profitability and cleanliness using a combination of live sensor data and historical/contextual information. Furthermore, one container in each location will be equipped with GNSS/GSM functionality as a reference for location based services. ISOCollect automatically calculates optimal collection routes and guides drivers through a user-friendly app. With ISOCollect, waste and recycling containers are converted into smart containers that continuously monitor their fill levels along with other parameters and send the data to the cloud for processing. ISOCollect combines all containers (paper, glass, textiles, etc.) in an innovative way using a mesh of self-learning, battery-powered GNSS sensors.