Dr Hasan Fakhroo, Jawad Sabt, Ali Alaswad, Mustafa Ali, Mohammed Hubail, Ahmed Albosta, Munther Sabt

A car rental company will assign designated car parking spaces where customers can pick up or drop off rental cars. In theory, this could be any place where a car can be parked legally. First, the customer will need to register with the company and will be assigned a username and password, which can be used on a mobile application that will guide the customer to the nearest parked car available. The customer will then be able to use the mobile application as a “remote control”, to unlock & mobilise the car through a secure data and command communication protocol between the smart phone, the control (dispatcher) workstation, and the tracking device.

Payment for using the car can be made in any known form, such as pre-paid or by credit card. The tracking device will handle the security issues related to car usage; the company will be able to define restricted areas, where the car must not be used. If the car enters one of these areas, the system will warn the driver and, if necessary, stop the car. With an interface allowing navigation, the tracking device can also be used as a standard GNSS system.