Irena Dimitrova, Nenad Štancl

The iTur application software enables service providers to gather common their strengths under one unified interest and destination brand. The iTur software application is an innovative mix of ERP, CRM, billing, and payment systems packed into one backoffice application. iTur enables efficient use of Internet-based marketing and sales tools for the tourism market. It also provides an effective back-office system that can serve as a primary source of data on customer histories. This data can then be used for further development of marketing and sales strategies for certain destinations. The iTur application is built on a basis of unique expertise and know-how. It combines best practices and functionality from similar BSS3 solutions and other industries with in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the tourism industry. The iTur application software is a tool designed to help implement the iTur4us tourist concept. The implementation of ICT into the traditional tourism market is an inevitable and necessary step towards a fully integrated, customer-driven tourism service.