Ronny Webers, Bart Lenaerts, Vincent Jorissen

Each day, people waste huge amounts of time in traffic going to and from their jobs. Did you know that over an entire career, most people drive more than a million kilometres and spend more than 2.6 years in a car? Employees acknowledge the fact that they want to waste less time in traffic to gain more quality time for family, friends, and recreation. Employers are well aware that local employees are likely to stay longer at the same company and be more productive and happy without the monotony of traffic jams. Companies and employment offices also know that the time has come for an innovative and affordable job platform to change the current state of employment. JobWalkr will inform you when relevant job opportunities are available in your neighbourhood.

JobWalkr will provide users with:

  • Jobs that really matter to them
  • The exact location of job opportunities
  • Average travel times to and from jobs
  • Intelligent push notifications

JobWalkr will provide companies and employment agencies with:

  • An innovative job platform with a focus on location
  • Dashboard analytics: know when, where, and how much your job ad has been viewed
  • An affordable job platform
  • A CV database with location search