Dr Oliver Trinchera, Dr Alexander Hüttenbrink

The Galileo Master receives an additional cash prize of EUR 20,000 as well as the chance to realise the awarded idea as part of a six-month incubation programme. The prize is provided by Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen and the European GNSS Agency (GSA).

KINEXON is a young start-up company located in Munich, Germany. They are specialised in the development of smart wearable devices and embedded systems with a clear focus on applications in the healthcare and professional sports sector. Their aim: shaping the future of tracking technology.

Many applications require tracking solutions that are precise, but at the same time affordable and small. Our new precision tracking solution fulfils these needs perfectly. The KINEXON CELL is a revolutionary wearable sensor that uses the latest space technology to track the positions of individuals and objects with centimetre accuracy. The corresponding KINEXON APP is a secure cloud-computing platform with a smart analytics application. It transforms big sensor data into valuable information in real time. Our first product is a portable, cloud-based athlete monitoring system designed for all types of sports, including football, tennis, and American football. A tablet PC provides coaches with real-time insights into the performance, tactics, technique, and health of athletes and teams. They can measure, analyse, and improve athletes’ performance to reach their full potential. Meanwhile, dedicated statistics help prevent injuries and support the rehabilitation process. Users access their data from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. The system’s flexible and scalable architecture ensures quick adaptation to other use cases in the healthcare, logistics, and unmanned aerial vehicle sectors.