Rafael Olmedo, Juan Domingo, Laura Concepción

KYNEO is a small electronic device designed to enable a huge variety of projects in which the location, movement, and orientation of people, vehicles, or things matter. This single device integrates a complete set of navigation and motion sensors, data-recording capability, and the possibility to connect external sensors or the most popular wireless communication modules, which makes it easier to meet various application requirements. Through its compatibility with Arduino and the active community behind this platform, KYNEO is meant to provide a useful tool for developers regardless of their expertise. Open-source libraries, thorough documentation of the platform, and examples for beginners are also provided. The advanced GNSS module integrated into KYNEO also makes use of European satellite navigation technologies, which makes GALILEO and EGNOS accessible to developers and non-expert users. All in all, KYNEO offers a low-cost platform for infinite applications of satellite navigation technology and will be key to what we call the “GNSS of Things”.