Yann Desportes, Idrissa Magne, Hervé Merlini

Vast multi activity agricultural estates cultivate various crops and/or rear livestock in outdoor husbandry systems (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats). Each of these farming activities requires the collection of specific data.

The A.L.I.V.E (Agricultural Localizations in Vast Estates) global system is a group of applications which will help managers and owners of vast agricultural and/or multi activity estates manage their green spaces and livestock efficiently. Equipped with a tablet device that is ergonomic, mobile, waterproof, shock-resistant, reliable, and easy to use, farmers will be able to locate their livestock and monitor the condition of the grazing land. The tablet device’s display will show a faithful representation of the estate in question and include colour codes that will identify and locate animals and broken fences, as well as the areas which need to be sown, fertilised or irrigated. The device will even make it possible for the farmer to tell if an isolated animal is alive or not.

Guided by a simple navigation system, farmers will have no trouble reaching specific locations on their estates.