Mari Loorman

This solution helps raise children by allowing them to earn computer time with physical activity. It aids to prevent and relieve computer addiction. Rather than being based on continuous prohibition by parents, LAISIK helps children to make their own choices. It connects two components, one of which is a child’s GPS-enabled smartphone. The corresponding app registers physical activities like cycling, walking to school, running, or playing outside and marks it on a calendar. The computer the child uses then receives this information and adds it to his/her account. A program calculates the activity data into minutes and allows the amount of computer time earned. Parents can also add weekly activities like piano or swimming lessons into their child’s LAISIK schedule. Children who are not active enough but do not have a smartphone can use the program as part of scheduled book club meetings, physical training, etc. If using a computer every day is important to them, children will be willing to walk, run, and play outside to earn computer minutes. Problems like nervousness, obesity, and laziness will diminish. LAISIK is a guide towards physical activity, health, and calm family life.