Jozef Misik, Ruud van den Beukel, Brittany Don, Bryan Allen Smith III

Globally, people are spending USD 1.8 billion on digital English language learning alone, but classroom-only learning is not producing the results needed for the real world. What is needed are more opportunities to practice that are actually enjoyable for the learner. This is why engages language learners by focusing on their personal interests. It is now hitting the streets to engage people everywhere to take language learning to the next level. Here, research suggests that the best way to memorise new vocabulary is to connect it with real life. The most effective method is thus to learn or practice new vocabulary for a particular situation by being in that situation. Imagine sitting down at a restaurant and receiving a notification on your mobile phone a moment later that prompts you to review five words related to the context you are in – a restaurant. The geolocation is linked to the type of establishment, not the country itself, so friends learning different languages can meet for lunch and get different word prompts.