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LogiLoc ( is a tool that improves the efficiency of carrier management (carrier = container, trailers, swap-body platforms) based on positioning technologies. It also delivers information about the respective position of containers quickly and with complete reliability, which provides for complete surveillance and full process control. Furthermore, LogiLoc offers the chance to conduct manifold statistical analyses, facilitating sustainable optimisation of process cycles in container logistics.

The innovation of LogiLoc is the intelligent combination of several positioning and communication technologies (GNSS, GSM, RFID, WiFi) in one multisensor box. Since this technology combines the advantages of in- and outdoor positioning systems, logistics companies can locate their carriers consistently, at all times, and across geographical boundaries, even if a certain positioning technology should not be available because of environmental or geographical influences.

Target market
LogiLoc is primarily focused on all companies that have their own stock of carriers and means of transportation. This target group thus also includes logistics service providers that manage transportation processes on their own. As a result, LogiLoc is especially targeted toward companies from the transportation sector (shipping, cargo) and manufacturing companies operating, for example, in the automotive or pharmaceutical industries.

Customer benefit
With LogiLoc, customers gain reliability with the ability to locate carriers even if a certain positioning technology is not available due to environmental influences. This ensures the complete surveillance and documentation of all container positions at any time and around the globe. This information on container flows and idle times can be used as a basis for measures required for effective optimisation; even prognoses about future positions are possible.

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