Thomas Peroutka, Ines Peroutka

At the moment, the state of the art for most sports and competitions is radio timing, with results on printed paper or notes written by hand – and no analysis. Lympik’s vision is to increase motivation and fun in connection with sports and outdoor exercise for everyone from children at playgrounds and in schools to highly professional athletes. With Lympik, “virtual Olympics” for schools or companies can be organised as location-independent competitions – in different cities at the same time, for example. Lympik will be the platform that connects personal training, leisure sports, and outdoor game performance with the advantages of social media. In the future, it wants to be not just a company, but a community. Users will get precise, real-time performance measurements and analytics with personalised results on their mobile devices. By comparing their performance and sharing great adventures with friends via social media, they will provide free advertising to operators of sports and leisure facilities.

Customer benefits

Customers can actually increase the fun factor in sports and leisure activities by comparing and sharing extraordinary results and memories with friends all over the world.