Irene Franco Freire, Miguel A. Ledo Loyola

ManySafe is an improved version of the Iberpin product, which is already approved, patented, and on the market. The autonomous, customisable pin with built-in GPS can be attached to clothing and recharges itself via biomechanical movement and RF uptake. ManySafe facilitates the localisation of people, especially children, people with special needs, the elderly, and professionals who require monitoring. Since a prior version of ManySafe is already on the market and proven to work, the possibility of technical or manufacturing errors is much smaller than with a completely new product. Both the costs of research and development and the investment needed to bring ManySafe to market will be lower, and ManySafe will not require a new patent thanks to its use of Iberpin’s patented technology. Meanwhile, the ability to customise a product is always well received by the market because it offers the exclusivity that many people value. ManySafe thus combines practical utility with a certain degree of individuality.