Giacomo Mangani, Alessandro Cantore

The Marine Telepass is an innovative system designed to provide easy, remote- controlled access to protected marine areas. Navigation restrictions in these areas can be difficult for visitors to understand; transit may be fully prohibited or limited to certain times and seasons. Management organisations usually force users to request a temporary permit to access parks with certain permissions. The corresponding patrols and checks are generally extremely costly: park areas are often vast and remote, and conventional, paper-based access systems do not support remote access control. In addition, filling in permit documentation directly at park reception areas can be a considerable waste of time for visitors.

The proposed system aims to overcome these difficulties by introducing a more efficient control model, improving area surveillance and protection, and supporting visitors in the process.

The Marine Telepass exploits the latest satellite and communication technology to offer a modern, efficient, and remote access control system for marine areas with navigation restrictions. The system also supports the collection of traffic-flow statistics, wildlife and other environmental observations, and alarm response, all of which contribute to safety and environmental protection. Meanwhile, Marine Telepass offers visitors innovative services such as remote billing based on visit duration and booking of mooring buoys.

The main target market includes public and private maritime organisations involved in the control activities of marine reserves and restricted waters. This is a niche that shows consistently high interest in flexible, innovative solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Touristic seaports and private mooring-buoy parks, which experience a considerable influx of tourists during specific periods of the year, are also seen as potentially major commercial markets to address.

Maritime park protection organisations will enjoy reduced costs and improved management efficiency. Meanwhile, park visitors will benefit from an on-board device that enables fast tolling, thus avoiding further controls, allowing for flexible park access, and simplifying final billing based on the duration of stay.

An evolved version of the system will enable visitors to share information of interest – such as fish observations, weather information and quality of water/ environment – with both park authorities and other visitors.


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