Mr, Xavier Banqué-Casanovas, Dr, Miquel Garcia-Fernàndez, Mr. Isac Hoyas-Ester

MEDEA is an innovative GNSS receiver concept that provides accurate, real-time, and affordable geolocation to address the navigation requirements of emerging trending technologies such as unmanned vehicles, LBS, and precision farming.

Such technologies rely on accurate geolocation solutions as a key element of their applications. In order to be scalable, GNSS solutions have to be not only accurate and reliable, but also affordable. High-end GNSS solutions for geo-location often offer a level of accuracy that exceeds the actual requirements and typically come with a very high price tag, rendering them not scalable at all. MEDEA will thus enable mass-market applications that need access to accurate and affordable geolocation.

MEDEA is the cornerstone of a navigation ecosystem that will provide precise, end-to-end geolocation service to premium, mass-market end users. Its fully configurable GNSS receiver relies on a multi-constellation, multi-frequency architecture that is already being demonstrated with an operational prototype. MEDEA relies on EGNOSS and Galileo’s new E5a/b signals, which are an important asset in achieving the desired level of performance.

Customer benefits

MEDEA customers enjoy accurate, yet affordable geolocation that also offers scalability.