Hammad Jeilani

The MEDeus service will use hybrid fixed-wing drones that are capable of rapid and efficient transport of medical payloads for three key purposes. First, it proposes an urgent delivery service to support emergency response teams (namely air ambulances) to improve clinical outcomes for trauma patients. Second, it can transport blood samples between GP practices and hospital labs to better connect primary services. This will cut a £150, 45-minute journey down to a mere £0.02, three-minute solution. Thirdly, the drones will safely and rapidly transport organs between hospitals, thus enhancing the UK‘s transition to an opt-out donation system in 2020.
MEDeus drones will also be used as emergency first-responders to provide situational awareness via a camera and lifesaving interventions via an emergency response kit. Galileo GNSS and 5G telecommunication networks will provide for seamless end-to-end drone flights based on a realtime data link.