Vladimír Vejvoda

The Mobile Epileptic Fit Detector (MEFID) is a mini-sized, mobile, remote unit that can rapidly detect signs of an imminent epileptic attack in children patients, and thus help save their lives.

Measuring and collecting data, which is then processed by artifi cial intelligent algorithms, is essential both for a reliable diagnostic of epileptic seizures, and the therapy of affected children. MEFID is equipped with GNSS and GSM sensors, along with other kinetic body sensors (3 axes gyro, accelerometers etc.), which allow a precise monitoring of the patient.

Thanks to our kinetic development, MEFID is able to recognise very early symptoms of an epileptic attack, and will immediately inform the respective medical centre about the type of cramp and the intensity of the seizure. The design has been adapted to match the ordinary life-styles of very young patients, even newborns. The result is a shock resistant, waterproof device with an all-day battery life. Currently, prototypes of the device are being tested at the best Czech medical institutions: Charles University – Department of Child neurology and Teaching hospital in Motol, Prague.