Asst Prof Panagiotis Partsinevelos, Nikos Afentakis & Senselab Research Team

Communication in the right place and time is essential to support human relations and highlight important information. Message in a Bubble (MiaB) is a novel spatio-temporal exchange platform. Users can tie their message, story, picture, or memo to a point of interest, or “bubble”; let it float for a set amount of time; and share it with select users or everyone who enters the same physical space. Users can create a bubble in their actual location, or virtually on a web map. A series of intuitive, exciting, and informative applications provide a novel incentive for interaction, including through virtual road signs, dynamic ambulance route clearance, treasure hunt games, message or payment unlocking, tourist guides, outdoor classroom notes, and location-based advertisements. Additional activities could require a specific group of friends, a certain number of passes over a certain time, or a PIN code to unlock a bubble. Bubbles can be static, moving, or distributed. Moreover, users can interact in space through bubble “libraries”, with topics including history, gastronomy, ghost stories, architecture, geology parks, and more! MiaB thus represents a limitless trend in social communication.