Dariusz Tanajewski, Grzegorz Grunwald

It is surprising that while mankind is researching the surface of Mars and Pluto, we still know little about the bottoms of the lakes, seas, or oceans on Earth. The Mobile Underwater Positioning System (MUPS) is a new solution for localising objects in water. It aids in discovering what is hidden in the depths of water reservoirs by supporting navigation and positioning (such as GPS). Based on GNSS satellites signals and pseudolites with transmitters of modulated acoustic signals, MUPS makes it possible to determine the position of objects in water. Modulated waves are sent to receivers for pseudorange calculation. This solution makes mapping seas and the ocean floor easier than ever before. Unlike existing systems, it is mobile, which enables users to change areas of use without any problems. It also works without any additional equipment. MUPS technology is designed for divers, environmentalists, archaeologists, marine engineers, researchers, submarines, and more. Anyone working at the bottom of water reservoirs who needs to know their own position or that of objects or other phenomena can now benefit from MUPS.