Jan Schindler, Matthias Wuest

Imagine a world in which all your senses play a vital role, except vision. You might have a friend who helps you find the way, or you might even have a dog to guide you. But what you do not have is complete freedom and independence. Our device will change that. Meeting someone in a restaurant, going to the doctor’s, going to a musical, hiking in the Alps, or strolling along the beach will become a reality for you – without the help of others. Our revolutionary personal navigation device for vision impaired persons (NAVIP) will change the lives of millions of vision impaired people around the world, providing them with all the information they need to travel independently.

Using Galileo, our device is able to harness the satellite navigation system’s accuracy and reliability, bringing personal navigation systems to the next level. An integrated image processing unit will upgrade this device by combining outdoor and indoor navigation. This device is being developed by Jan Schindler (business engineering student at KIT) and Matthias Wuest (graduate from KIT).