Rafael Olmedo, Carlos Barreto

Based on the integration of GNSS and wearable and wireless communication technologies, NAVMATE implements an innovative, low-cost solution that allows a group to move safely in mountainous and other natural scenarios, even without mobile coverage. This enables your own colleagues to make an initial emergency intervention or rescue if necessary. Each person provided with a NAVMATE user terminal will be able to share his or her position, receive the positions of other members, and implement specific functionalities based on the processing of the shared information, which will facilitate faster and more effective emergency procedures. The user terminal is a dedicated electronic unit that integrates a low-cost GNSS multi-constellation receiver (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/EGNOS) for accessing raw GNSS data and implements advanced relative and absolute navigation performance in combination with motion and orientation MEMs sensors (MARG [IMU+Mag], barometric altimeter, three-axis accelerometer, giros and magnetometers). This makes it possible to achieve accurate relative navigation even in hostile environments and conditions.