Kristoff Van Rattinghe, Laurence Claeys, Johan Criel, Koen Van Vlaenderen

stickNtrack is a disruptive innovation that opens up an abundance of new business opportunities in tracking trailers, containers, machinery, tools, bikes, and more. It is a plug-and-play location tracker that includes acceleration and tilt sensors. It functions for up to 10 years without the hassle of charging batteries, managing SIM cards, or any intrusive installations (no wiring and no professionals required). Its intelligent combination of technology and software provides a tracking solution that consumes up to 40 times less power and lowers life-cycle costs by 50% compared to existing compact GPRS/GPS products. This solution communicates on a commercial Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio network, which significantly reduces its power needs and recurring communication costs.
Future accuracy and availability improvements based on GNSS will trigger additional advancements, such as by automating supply chains for packages and their delivery. Ultimately, stickNtrack is a next-generation location tracker that significantly lowers the barriers to embedding even more GNSS technology into our daily lives.