President, Luis M., Bordallo
Engineering Director, Jaime, Sanchez Gallego
Operations Manager, Alexander, Burwitz
Airframe Development, Korbinian, Stadlberger

Wildfires and drugs are causing human and ecological harm, as well as high economic losses. The need to combat these two modern plagues in our society is a maximum priority. Nitrofirex is a project that integrates available RPAS technologies in order to achieve operative capabilities that can be applied at night to battle wildfires and fumigate drug plantations. The application’s objective is to spray a significant amount of any type of agent at a pre-determined point in the atmosphere.

In manned/unmanned operations as innovative as those planned by Nitrofirex, the information provided in real- or near-real time by GNSS elements is fundamental to the proper planning, coordination, and execution of RPAS flights.

Meanwhile, forest firefighting aircraft and drug plantation fumigation are also important lines of business that generate billions within the global aviation sector. Strangely enough – especially in comparison with all the other segments of aviation, where innovations are readily apparent – no modern aeronautic technology has been used in this branch until now.


Customer benefits

Nitrofirex provides the hardworking firefighters and anti-drug personnel putting themselves at risk all around the world with operational capabilities that make their jobs safer and more efficient. It also improves society’s ability to battle the plagues of forest fires and drugs.