Dr Sara Brockmans, Dr Raphael Volz, Dr Markus Noga

Nogago is leisure navigation software for smartphones. It provides routes, maps and travel guides based on open content without restriction to particular regions. Nogago makes content available for offline use and keeps data up-to-date by means of a novel synchronisation algorithm. Since it consumes very little power, nogago can be used all day without needing a phone recharge. Nogago’s navigation capabilities are available for free, while using maps and travel guide functionality requires a monthly or yearly payment.

Our core USP is the ability to take maps and travel guides offline and keep them constantly updated by synchronising changes whenever the customer is online. Instead of licencing certain regions separately like other solutions, nogago’s subscription fees give the customer access to maps and guides all over the world. In addition to the free basic version of nogago, customers can decide to use the premium features either for a single month or a whole year.

Nogago is oriented towards smartphone consumers. According to the Gartner Group and other analysts, around 200 million smartphones are in use today, and this number is expected to grow to 500 million by 2013. We expect the majority of smartphone users to be interested in nogago, as many of them travel internationally and/or participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, running and biking. According to U.N. World Tourism Office, 922 million people travelled internationally in 2007. Meanwhile, the study “Outfit 6” found that about 50% of Germans cycle, 28% run, and 25% hike. In other Western countries, outdoor sports enjoy similar popularity.

Our customers can use their smartphones as a personal navigation tool instead of buying expensive dedicated devices from leading outdoor device manufacturers. They can also use nogago to replace paper maps and travel guides. Unlike other smartphone navigation software, nogago does not require online connectivity and is therefore very useful for international travels (where data-roaming fees are very high) and other offline activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and canoeing. Furthermore, nogago automatically keeps its maps and travel guides up-to-date. Nogago’s low power consumption makes it possible to use the device all day as a travel guide / outdoor navigation tool, and this navigation is highly precise through the use of the EGNOS-signal.


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