Gady Shlasky, Yossi Aloni

Optibus OnTime™ is a unique cloud-based solution that helps public transportation operators address problems that trigger bus delays before they impact passengers. Unexpected bus delays caused by traffic jams, special events, car accidents, and other disruptions happen on a daily basis. Since buses are scheduled to perform multiple trips per day, every such delay creates a snowball effect on the following trips, negatively impacting more and more passengers. At present, no solution actually solves this problem in real-time other than by using reserve buses, which is very costly and may not comply with scheduling rules. Optibus OnTime™ predicts such delays and enables operators to assign affected trips to other drivers. By using GNSS data, the solution constantly tracks each busses location, validating that it is on time, according to its original schedule. If not, it will alert the operator and provide options to overcome the problem in real-time by creating adjusted schedules that are cost-effective and still comply with all of the predefined preferences, constraints, and regulations at hand. Optibus OnTime™ uses Optibus’s unique Optibize™ technology (patent pending). Developed for the transportation industry, Optibize™ is a revolutionary real-time technology that performs super-fast optimisation of vehicles and driver schedules while factoring in an unlimited number of preferences, constraints, and regulations.