Jan Filipowiak, Radoslaw Jastrzebski, Maciej Glowacki

Pastguide enables anyone to embed any content in the form of virtual reality in real places. It presents an example of the use of such technology in the cultural heritage market. Pastguide works on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and allows the user to move back in time while visiting interesting historic locations. The app visualises the past using 3D scenes filled with objects and figures from the chosen period; it knows exactly where the user is standing and facing thanks to geolocation, beacon technology, and image identification. The technology developed could be widely used in the construction, marketing, and tourism markets. The main advantage of this product is its quick and easy method of producing 3D scenes and the possibility of superimposing them on real locations, such as the Main Square in Krakow (which has been prepared for Pastguide).