Sébastien Rouquette, Romain Desplats, Didier Lapierre

It is not easy to monitor physical activity or control recovery during a sequence of sporting exercises. The answer: Physiotrack, a predictive monitoring system for multiple activities. Physiotrack provides realistic predictions of physiological parameters and energy consumption during outdoor activities. It uses both Galileo and physiological sensors to monitor the performance of the user on a track in real time. Physiotrack: much more than a sport watch. Through the combined analysis of physiology and planned activity, Physiotrack helps the user choose the right track and/or intensity of effort. The system provides an estimation of duration, power, speed, energy, or water consumption. While using Physiotrack during an activity, the user is advised in real time how to safely reach the end of the track with the best efficiency. This is an innovation no other system can claim. A simple solution that makes comprehensive health improvement possible during outdoor activities. Convalescent, athletes who want to respect their limits or improve their performance, professionals looking to take full control of their training…