Andreas Alamanos

PODIS is a client-server IoT solution-as-a-service for automatic crash notification (ACN). Thanks to its patented technology, PODIS is the only ACN solution that does not produce false alarms. It is a white-label B2B product that uses a lightweight mobile app or an OBD-II dongle as the client, while the server side resides in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud. Whereas other ACN solutions like OnStar and eCall have to be installed in vehicles during manufacturing, PODIS can be used in any vehicle old or new. The unique selling point is the patented underlying methodology for filtering out false alarms.
Other ACN systems try to filter out false alarms on the client side – which is almost impossible due to varying vehicle behavior and the different circumstances that lead to swinging of the accelerometer – PODIS does so on the server side. PODIS addresses a real problem: It maximises the use of the “golden hour”. This is a trauma term that refers to the first hour from the moment a car accident occurs. Trauma professionals’ goal is to get injured people to a hospital within one hour to increase the chances of survival.