Charles Moszkowicz, Jean-Charles Simonin

Pokemon Biodiv is a mobile application for participatory science that helps citizens discover their environment in a fun way. Using location-based phone features, the game enables users to look for an animal or plant close by. Gamers are tasked with observing species in their surroundings to receive rewards and learn more about the species. They then are invited to share their observations with friends and scientists. New species and new missions are proposed constantly, giving gamers the chance to gain skills and become experienced explorers. The data gathered through the app will be used in participatory science projects and contribute greatly to environmental understanding. It will also raise awareness concerning nature and biodiversity: “Wonder is the first step toward respect, knowledge is the second one” (Nicolas Hulot). The customers will be local authorities that want to revitalise their area by valuing and tapping into its natural and cultural richness while continuously working to preserve it. The game is designed to complement a professional mobile app (MyENEO) for data collection in the field. It is part of a broader strategy to collect and use more data about biodiversity and the environment in an efficient way.