Loles Albiol Simó, Rudesindo Hernando Meliá, Jorge Esteve Ripollés, Manuel Pedreira Giménez, Enrique Martinez Asensi

The main purpose of Poseidron is to reduce the number of fatalities far out at sea when people fall overboard or are involved in shipwrecks that occur during illegal immigration. The project consists of one large drone that is designed to increase the survival possibilities of those stranded at sea by providing a faster response and better service than existing solutions. The multicopter weighs 80 kg, can operate for more than 180 minutes, and has a diameter of four metres. It is capable of lifting up to 70 kg and is designed to take off from a mid-size boat. Thanks to its thermal cameras and the EGNOS system, the multicopter is able to immediately localise people in the middle of the water. When it arrives at a fatality, Poseidron will launch an inflatable dinghy. Depending on the weather conditions, it will tow the dinghy to a rescue boat or maintain its position in order to facilitate rescue. Poseidron can also localise and monitor fuel spills and provide support during humanitarian catastrophes. Thanks to Galileo and EGNOS, the drone will have the ability to fly safely, maintain its position accurately, and alert the emergency authorities.