Oscar Serradilla

Every year, road accidents cause over 1.3 million deaths, 50 million injuries, and EUR 465 million in property damage. Pothole Avoider is an active security system for terrestrial vehicles that can reduce these losses by 25%. To make this possible, the system warns drivers about nearby hazards (based on GNSS) and enables them to adjust their vehicle’s speed to reduce the risk of an accident. Such hazards include potholes, dangerous curves, lateral winds, and wet or icy roads. Analysis and reporting is handled automatically (in real-time) by a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to avoid distracting the driver. When the application detects that the vehicle is approaching a hazard, it will warn the driver with visual and auditory alerts. Each user will contribute information about road conditions, thus creating a worldwide collaborative platform. The application is programmed for Android, and a free version will be released for the use by any driver. It is also compatible with Android Auto. In the future, a version for on-board vehicle computers and GPS systems will be launched.