Alexander Rügamer, Manuel Stahl

Galileo PRS is a special navigation service featuring encrypted signals, access restriction to specific authorized users, and high robust protection against signal spoofing. Standard users will not be able to access any Galileo PRS information. The idea shows how ordinary people can also profit from PRS without having to care about any security-related challenges with PRS receivers, and without jeopardising the security of the PRS system. The user equipment has to take a snapshot with sufficient bandwidth to include Open Service (OS) and PRS signals. In order to verify the recording of valid data, OS acquisition can be used. The OS components are removed from the snapshot with a high-pass filter to protect the user privacy. This means only those authorities with PRS keys and equipment will be able to reconstruct time and position from the modified snapshot. The snapshot can also be used to sign measurements, files, or objects just before they are transmitted to a server. This method can even add legal value to such measurements. Some possible further applications include the tracking of elderly people, e-call systems, road charging, and environmental Monitoring.