Jakub Karas, Antonín Machálek, Petr Marada

The pressure on agriculture is high nowadays with regard to efficient and precise farming. Harvesting is carried out by large and fast agricultural machines. The disadvantage is the large number of wild animals, especially deer being killed by these harvesting methods. In the Czech Republic, the estimated number of deer killed by harvesting machines has risen to about 60,000 per year, and other animals are also affected. The winners aim to address this Europe-wide problem with GNSS and especially Galileo data. Upvision’s online application enables farmers to submit their harvest dates and order a drone monitoring service just before they begin. Unmanned aerial vehicles using thermal imaging systems and GNSS signals then start monitoring the field.
This produces a thermal image of the field, which
offers the following advantages:
› Real-time animal identification and rescue
› Expanded use of modern technologies in terms of precision farming and the environment
› Protection of harvesting machines
In addition to protecting animals, farmers can thus expand the use of new technologies in their harvesting methods thanks to Galileo signals.


The Expertise:
«The project offers an European-wide system solution for farmers, how to save lives of hundreds of thousand wild animals that are being killed every year by mechanized crop harvesting, by a simple combination of Galileo enabled drones, infra-red cameras and near real time access to Land Parcel Information System.»

Josef Sobra
Satellite Navigation and Telecommunication Officer, Czech Ministry of Transport