Pierre-Marie Sarant, Gerard Ayache, Eric Seuillet, Olivier Schick

QuakeUp™ is a centric user application issued by humanitarian experts to recognise patterns in seismic waves. QuakeUp is a smartphone application that can save lives by empowering people in earthquake areas; turning them into in situ “human sensors”, and providing them with instantaneous early warnings, so they can take appropriate action.

In the aftermath of an earthquake, QuakeUp™ helps locate victims in the rubble, and allows the people in the affected area to share precise, geolocalised data with rescue teams, via mobile radio systems (PMR), and ad hoc networks. Relying on current Nav-Sat systems, QuakeUp™ offers global reach throughout all earthquake areas worldwide; as well as high speed, top precision, and maximum indoor/rubble penetration – key assets which could be further enhanced by the use of EGNOS and Galileo.

QuakeUp™ is being developed in a Living Labs environment to ensure it is fully functional for use in acute and evolving emergencies, and benefi ts from the latest technologies available.